Enter the Ms. Golden Triangle Pageant

Fan Fair 2012 Proudly Presents:

Ms. Golden Triangle Pageant

We welcome all articulate and confident women between the ages of 16-30 who lives in the tri-state to apply for the honor of representing the Golden Triangle. Hundreds will enter but only the top 30 applicants will be chosen to compete for the title.


When:       June 26th 2012 starting at 4pm with Registration pageant to begin at 6pm

Where:    Owen County KY Fairgrounds Pavilion 265 Ellis Hwy Owenton KY 40359

Judges:    Sean Morris, Miss Teen America Katie Himes, and Cathy Himes.


A $500 CASH prize will be awarded to the Winner in addition to a crown, sash, trophy, flowers, and huge gift bag sponsored by local vendors.

1st Runner Up will receive a ribbon, flowers, and a gift bag

2nd Runner Up will receive a ribbon

Miss Congeniality will receive a ribbon and gift bag

Winners will be asked to make at least 3 appearances at the Owen County Fan Fair and the Kentucky Speedway during the Sprint Cup Race Week (June 27th-30) to represent the Tri-State at meet and greet locations. If the winner cannot fulfill her duties the runner up will have the option to take her place.

Criteria: Applications will be judged based on the contestants love for and commitment to her community. Judges will look for educated, responsible, caring, and well rounded women to compete for the title. For the lucky 30 applicants who are selected to compete, there will be an onstage interview and 2 outfit categories (summer wear and cocktail dress). Contestants must arrive by 3pm to register.

Registration fee is $25.00


Owen County Chamber of Commerce – Visioneers

Ms. Golden Triangle Pageant Application

Email application to: shanna.osborne@myowencountyky.com

Mail to: Attn: Pageant Director

Pageant Coordinator: Emily Myers

(502) 514 – 3082  my3sons_18@yahoo.com

455 Swope Road Owenton KY 40359

Conditions: Applicant must be between the ages of 16 and 30 as of June 26th 2012 and reside in Kentucky, Ohio, or Indiana as proven by an enclosed photocopy of the applicant’s driver’s license, learning permit, or other identification form. Applicant cannot have been convicted of a felony, or have any pending criminal charges.

Application should include:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Hobbies
  • Career or Career Choice
  • Future Goals/Dreams
  • A brief essay describing your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.
  • A headshot photo of yourself (this will not be returned)


  • Summer Wear will consist of: Khaki, black, or white shorts (appropriate length) and solid shirts ( color choices: white, black, yellow, aqua/teal, lime green or hot pink) and any shoe of your choice.
  • Cocktail dress (No floor length gowns)
  • Onstage Round 1: Introduction and Summer Wear – Ladies will be asked to introduce themselves (must at least say: your name, where your from and your contestant number)
  • Onstage Round 2: Onstage question and Cocktail Dress – Ladies will walk the stage in cocktail dress and before exiting the stage will have an onstage question relating to (their community, Kentucky or the race weekend, etc. These will be general questions and there will only be one question per a contestant)
  • Contestants will be judged soley on their onstage presence, beauty, attire, and onstage interview.
  • The pageant is OPEN and the deadline to submit your application is June 25th either by email or postal service.

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