Primary Election Results 2014

U.S. Senator – Republican:  Mitch MConnell,

U.S. Senator – Democrat:  Alison Lundergan Grimes,

Sheriff – Republican:  Mark Bess,

Sheriff – Democrat:  Zemer Hammond,

County Judge Executive – Democrat:  Casey Ellis,

County Clerk – Democrat:  Laurel P. Stivers,

Magistrate 1st. District – Democrat:  Todd Spurgeon,

Magistrate 2md District – Democrat:  Stuart Bowling,

Magistrate 4th District – Democrat:  Travis Fitzgerald,

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Unofficial Results According to

Gray Zeitz Larkspur Press


[cincopa AEGAW56cIymv]

Zeitz says it was the craft scene in Monterey that brought him to Owen County and the beauty and people who prompted him to stay. Zeitz credits Ace Bourne and Bush for giving his work early on to help start his business. Larkspur Press is a business based on the Art of Printing and Binding and what he does is truly an art. In addition to publishing, Gray Zeitz is helping to keep alive the traditional Art of letterpress printing. He tries to publish editions that are affordable since most of the writers are living and many are first time authors. Zeitz has been publishing local artists and KY writers for over 40 years with his cloth, paper, and special printing services. He now hosts an open house each year and allows tourists and local residents to visit his shop in order to educate about and preserve the history and art of printing. Over the years the Larkspur Press has seen many apprentices come and go but the folks now responsible for the work are Leslie Shane, Carolyn Whitesel and Gray Zeitz.

Larkspur Press books are highly collectible for their scarcity and beauty. They often feature Kentucky writers such as Wendell Berry, Guy Davenport, James Baker Hall and Bobbie Ann Mason.

Still located in Monterey Kentucky, the Larkspur Press will continue to create fine books one letter at a time with words that are in the paper and not on it.

(502) 484-5390

Larkspur Press

340 Sawdridge Creek West Monterey Kentucky 40359


Joel Dufour CEO Earth Tools

Joel Dufour owner of Earth Tools met with the  Leadership Owen County Class of  2012 in his phenomenal multi-million dollar business with only 12 employees . Mr. Dufour has (an inspirational way) with his web based business, ethical values, commitment to customer service, and genius ideas; so much so that I felt it would be a crime not to share a sample of his knowledge and inspiration with everyone. [cincopa A0HAT7qQIiZg]

Joel’s Father, Victor Dufour, was an entrepreneur who developed his business called D&D Enterprises in 1977 with his 7 children in mind. One of the three equipment lines the business began with was BCS walk-behind tractors. His Dad was impressed with the quality and versatility of the product, the machine broke 5 acres of sod, cultivated, mowed a 17-acre hayfield, cleared snow and ran a sprayer pump. Victor and his family put 1700 hours on it in 6 years and spent about $120 in maintenance (mostly tiller tines!). Then they put a new engine on the 715 and sold it (it is still in service; the transmission has never been serviced except for an occasional oil change) and graduated to a model 735 (roughly the equivalent of the 853 today) with a 10hp Lombardini diesel engine equipped with wind-the-rope-on-the-pulley-and-PULL start.

Like his father Joel refused to accept the main stream “good enough” mentality and was constantly searching for a better way to do things. At 23 years old Joel was looking to branch out, so he decided to open his business 7 miles from home selling a specialized walk behind tractor and tools. Walk-behind tractors (also called walking, 2-wheel or hand tractors) are used worldwide for small-scale farm, horticultural, industrial, landscaping and home use. He personally hand tests every tractor that he sells, and he refuses to franchise his company because he feels it is necessary to have complete control over his company name. Although Earth Tools is a web based business, Joel does not accept online orders but requires a phone call from his customers if they wish to place an order because he is repulsed by the impersonal contacts of email or online ordering. Joel is the epitome of pride and responsibility as a business owner who takes PRIDE in and responsibility for the product he sells.

Joel said, “Even though our business (his Father’s business) was located out in the sticks 9 miles from the nearest town and 7 miles to the nearest highway, our business attracted customers from far & wide, eventually putting the shops ‘in town’ out of business. Why?

1. Selling top-quality products at reasonable prices.

2. Standing behind those products and taking care of our customers.

3. Service, Service, Service. Dad taught me that to repair something, you first have to understand how it works, and then figure out why it broke and try to fix it so it didn’t fail again. We were constantly coming up with improvements for various products we sold. Our “return” rate (equipment that came back in after we had worked on it, because it wasn’t repaired properly) was staggeringly low…this was, I’m sure, the main reason our reputation kept attracting customers from further & further away. I have carried this philosophy with me:

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing RIGHT.”

Joel told us that he wants to TALK to his customers and he can’t stand the impersonality of email and that talking on the phone is impersonal enough. He credits the success of his business to their attention to detail; he personally hand tests every tractor before he sends it to a customer. He has NEVER advertised, and his multi-million dollar business has come directly by word from the mouth of his satisfied customers. AMAZING! What a great example of an entrepreneur who has been blessed through genuine hard work!

1525 Kays Branch Road
Owenton, KY 40359

(502) 484-3988 tel. (502) 484-3357 fax.



Wilmer Stoltzfus Countryside Bakery and Deli

Countryside Bakery and Deli where Wilmer Stoltzfus along with his wife and 9 children moved to Owen County in 2010 and started a business where his family could work together to provide a service in the community in which they live. They offer a full line of deli products with 25 different types of fresh meat and cheese, jar goods, homemade salads, and fresh baked goods. They have a $5.99 lunch special and they are very generous in their portions. Stoltzfus says that his oldest son is in charge of the deli and his eldest daughter is in charge of the bakery. They also offer a selection of outdoor and patio furniture including gazebos and swings. Wilmer says the Lord has blessed his business this year and although they have seen challenges he has faith that the God will bless his business to thrive in the years to come.

Tom & Reggie Taggart Sweet Owen Country Store

Tom and Reggie Taggart has some of the best pulled pork known to man. The couple retired from factory work and decided to pursue Reggie’s lifelong dream of opening a “mom and pop” country store. Reggie says it has been a learning experience and they learn something new every day but her advice to all business owners is to LISTEN to your customer and be willing to learn and make changes. Her $3 bean and cornbread have made the store famous in Owen County; their gun shop and primitives have drawn tourists from all around. Mr. and Mrs. Taggart love history and love to share the story of the Pot Belly stove that resides in their establishment. The establishment had been a country store since the 1930’s and Reggie saw that it may be turned into a rental property in 2005 but she had other plans. After much negotiating and planning Reggie and Tom purchased the store in 2006 and changed the dynamics of Sweet Owen as we knew it.

Sweet Owen Country Store
5850 Highway 22 East
Owenton, Kentucky 40359
(502) 484 – 1020

Store & Restaurant
Sun Closed
Mon 11:00AM – 3:00PM
Tues – Thur 7:00AM – 6:00PM
Fri 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Sat 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Gun Shop Hours
Sun – Mon Closed
Tues – Thur 7:00AM – 6:00PM
Fri 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Sat 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Deer Season Hours
Store Opens at 5:30 AM Tuesday – Saturday

Elected Officials

Elected Officials


Circuit Clerk Margaret Forsee

Coroner Lannis Garnett

County Attorney Josh Smith 502-484-4545

County Clerk Laurel Stivers 502-484-2213 Fax: 502-484-1002

Jailer Cindy Walker 502-514-1311Judge Executive Carolyn Keith 502.484.3405  Fax: 502.484.1004

PVA James Coyle 502-484-5172

Sheriff Zemer Hammond 502-484-3363

In case of emergency, dial 911



District 1  (New Liberty, Bromley, Jonesville, North Owenton) Asa Phillips 859-743-1447

District 2 (South Owenton, Owenton) Casey Ellis    502-514-1252

District 3  (New Columbus, Lusby’s Mill, Bethany, Hesler) Teresa Davis   502-514-2622

District 4 (Wheatley, Gratz, Monterey) Troy Bramblett   502-484-3366

State Elected Officials

State Senator – 17th District   Julian Caroll   Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 651

State Representative – 61st District   Brian Linder (R) Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 627

U.S. Senators Sen. Rand Paul

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) 202-224-2541 District Office 859-578-0188

U.S. Representative – 4th District
Congressman Thomas Massey


District 1   John Wilson 502-514-5654

District 2 Don Slaughter 502-484-3367

District 3 Bob Risch  502-484-3638

District 4 Larry House 502-484-0969

County Services

Listed below are all of the County Services available to the citizens of Owen County.

Animal Shelter/Dog Warden

Deanna Wolfe – Dog Warden 3030 Fairview Road Owenton, KY 40359 502-514-3731
Owen County Animal Shelter – 502-484-0321

Owen County Friends of Animals  Hilari Gentry, President

Dog Owner Ordinance #142

Law Enforcement


Owen County Sheriff’s Office Courthouse Annex Owenton, KY 40359 502-484-3363 Emergency Calls Dial – 911



Zemer Hammond Sheriff
Marty Lilly Deputy
Larry Osborne Deputy
Brent Caldwell Deputy
Marvin Goodrich Deputy


Senior Services

Owen County Senior Center West Perry Street Owenton, KY 40359 502-484-3139

Francis – Senior Center Director Hours of Operation Monday – Friday – 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Senior Club meetings held the third Wednesday of every month starting at 11 a.m.

Road Department & Solid Waste

Owen County Transfer Station 502-484-2427 Hours M-Sat. 8-4 pm

To report illegal dumping call: 502-484-2427

Transfer Station Disposal Rates – 2009

The last Saturday of each month is a free day at the county dump. Tires and construction debris are not included in the free day. Household garbage is .75 cents per bag of 33 gallons or less.  All bags over 33 gallons are $1.50 each.
_________________________________________ The companies listed below offer individual household and commercial solid waste pickup.
CSI – 859-824-5466

Rumpke – 800-678-6753

Owen County Road Department 208 East Blanton Street Owenton, KY 40359 Greg Smoot, Road Supervisor  502-484-2427


REACH (Reaching Every Addict with Christ’s Help) of Northern KY is a faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults and raise community awareness to the problem of drugs we are facing.  We have out-patient programs and Christ-centered Addicts Anonymous (CAA) meetings.  These meetings are at 7:30p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday in the REACH Office.  Counseling can be provided.

Address: 518 S. Main St              Owenton, KY 40359              502-484-5454    

Industrial Authority

Frank Downing – Chairman 137 W. Seminary Street Owenton, KY 40359 502-484-9900
Board Members
Robert Traylor David Lyons Jim Cammack Darryl Traylor Chuck Gill  Carolyn Keith Doug West Jim Beach

Dead Animal Removal

Harmon’s Dead Animal Pick-Up 425 Ambrose Rd Warsaw, KY 41095 Rachel    859-567-2111

Conboy Enterprises LLC Countryside Industries 859-299-0004

Other Services in Owen County
Pet Resort and Boarding Dolly’s Doggie Den Patty Whobrey Stewart Ridge Road 502-514-1119 502-463-235

Boards & Commissions


At the present time, Owen County is served by four health-related boards.

New Horizons Medical Board 502-484-3663

New Horizons Foundation Board 502-484-3663

Three Rivers Health District Board 502-484-3412

Owen County Board of Health 502-484-3412

Owen County Board of Education

David Raleigh, Superintendent 502-484-3934

Terry Patterson, Chairman 502-484-3934

Stuart Bowling 502-484-5916

Brett McDonald 502-484-4426

Dr. Larry Johnson


Brian Young-Vice Chairman


Owen County Parks & Recreation


Owen County Library Board


Owen County Extension Board


Owen County Board of Elections


Owen County Fair Board


Owen County Soil & Conservation District Board



Fiscal Court

Fiscal Court meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the courthouse.  The work shop is held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the courthouse.


District 1  (New Liberty, Bromley, Jonesville, North Owenton) Asa Phillips 859-743-1447    

District 2  (South Owenton, Owenton, Inc.) Casey Ellis  502-514-1252

District 3  (New Columbus, Lusby’s Mill, Bethany, Hesler) Teresa Davis 502-514-2622

District 4  (Wheatley, Gratz, Monterey) Troy Bramlett 502-484-3366 502-750-5397


District 1 John Wilson 502-514-5654

District 2 Don Slaughter 502-484-3367

District 3 Bob Risch  502-484-3638

District 4 Larry House 502-484-0969

Judge Executive’s Office

Owen County Fiscal Court 100 North Thomas Street Owenton, KY 40359 P: 502-484-3405 F: 502-484-1004

Carolyn Keith Owen County Judge Executive

Pam Miller Deputy Judge/Finance Officer

Norma McDonald Owen County Treasurer